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NEW SKIRMISH: Weapon Roulette!

Try your luck (and skill) in this brand new ruleset!

It’s time to test your skill (and luck) in a brand new Skirmish mode – Weapon Roulette!

Each Weapon Roulette match is similar to a standard Solo match, except that all players will start with the same random gun in hand and infinite ammo for that weapon. No other weapons or ammo will be spawned on the map to loot, but you’ll still need to scavenge for other supplies (like helmets, backpacks, and medkits) to make sure you survive a shootout.

At certain population thresholds as the match advances, all players will have their current weapon removed and the game will randomly select a new weapon that will be granted to all remaining players. When that weapon switch process begins, an audio effect and a system message will play to let you know that your weapon will be removed in 5 seconds. Once weapons are removed, you’ll see another message saying everyone will receive a new weapon in 5 seconds. Then, once everyone receives the new weapon, one final message will display saying that everyone has the new weapon and it’s time to resume play! This process will repeat until only one remains.

Weapon Roulette Skirmish will only be available on the weekends, starting each Friday at 10:00AM PT and running through the following Monday at 10:00AM PT. Take this new Skirmish mode for a spin by selecting “Skirmish” from the Play option in the Main Menu.

May the odds be ever in your favor, and we’ll see you in Skirmish!