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Team Gates is Ready to Fight for First!

Learn how Team Gates is planning to take down the competition.

Team Gates has secured themselves a spot in the upcoming Fight for the Crown tournament! The team includes long-time slayers RhinoQ and Yungsloths, who have been playing in community tournaments since the earliest days of H1Z1, and Chance, a veteran player and former Showdown participant. Skilled shooters Rogue and Kyraig round out the Team Gates roster. We got a chance to talk to the team about the unique dynamics and player histories that make Team Gates a powerful competitor in this tournament.

The Players:

Chance Rogue Yungsloths RhinoQ Kyraig
Chance Rogue Yungsloths RhinoQ Kyraig

What does your competitive playstyle tend to look like?

Yungsloths: I usually try to be opportunistic - I like to be on the aggressive side and exploit weakness when spotted, but am also very comfortable shifting to a more supportive playstyle when the team is in need. With that being said, I take on the role as one of the team's main voices, and shot call for the majority of the matches we play.

Chance: I've always been more reserved and I generally play pretty safe. I'm always trying to help my teammates out - I sort of take on a suppor role and give help wherever I can. Rhino and Kyraig are the main shooters on our team. Kyraig probably has the best aim; he's pretty aggressive and usually takes the front line. We position him so he can take as many kills as possible. Rhino fills a similar role, but is our other big decision maker behind Sloth.

Rogue: I used to be more of a lurker, pushing out at unusual angles to try and pick people off. Since then, I've kind of become a support player. The closer we get to the tournament, the more I find myself doing things like throwing smoke grenades for the team and staying close to make sure everyone is safe.

How do you get ready to compete?

Chance: In general, I try to think as little as possible about what's on the line. I try to play like it's any other game, and most importantly, I try to have fun.

Yungsloths: I think having a clear mind before match start is really important. To be completely honest, I tend to overthink a lot of things and can get really nervous if there's a lot on the line. Lately I've been finding it works to just throw everything out of my mind before competing.

When you found out you had the opportunity to play for Team Gates, what was it like?

Yungsloths: When I got the confirmation that I would be competing for Team Gates, I was in the middle of a lecture in my AP English class. I yelled at the top of my lungs, but my party was cut short when I got escorted out of class by security and had to spend the remainder of the day in on-campus suspension.

RhinoQ: It's been crazy - it was so overwhelming at first, it was kind of hard to even sleep. It's one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, one of those things that makes you just get up and pace back and forth...

Rogue: It's like waking up as a kid to go to Disneyland, when you just can't sleep the night before because you're so excited.

Chance: It was honestly an opportunity that I don't think any of us ever thought would happen. The most exciting thing used to be a private server tournament, so it's all been pretty unbelievable. It feels like all the work we put into the game is finally paying off.

What does Team Gates have that other teams don't? If anything is going to set your team apart from the competition, what is it going to be?

Yungsloths: Our team is pretty well-rounded in every aspect. We've been doing nothing but practicing these past weeks, and have been finding solutions for all of the mistakes we make. I think what really sets us apart, though, is the fact that we've been friends with each other for so long, and can understand each other very well.

Chance: There are a handful of other teams that have been playing as long as we have, but I think the big thing for our team is experience. Sloth and I have been playing together since almost the beginning of the game. We also have Rhino and Kyraig, who can both make phenomenal solo plays that I think will win tournaments. We've always been a lot more willing to take risks than other teams, and those risks can end up winning games.

Rogue: There are times where Kyraig and I are "surprise factors" for the team - I think it's those unexpected plays that can get us the win. We've been working really hard on making these plays safe, and I think they really are important.

How confident do you feel as a team going into this tournament?

Chance: We're definitely feeling really good about it. We've had rough patches, but each day we practice and improve more as a team.

What would you say to someone who wanted to make their way into the competitive H1Z1 scene?

Chance: I know it seems simple, but play a lot. Play as much as you can. Be aggressive, even if it's getting you killed and you're frustrated. Keep fighting every chance you get, and eventually you'll start improving.

RhinoQ: Whenever you play, play to better yourself. Don't just settle - every time I die, I try to think about what I did wrong. You have to constantly try to become a better player.

Do you have anything else you'd like to add?

Chance: Let all the other teams know that we're coming for them. They all better get ready to get jawed - we're coming to the LAN and we're not messing around.

Are you ready to watch Team Gates compete in the H1Z1: Fight for the Crown tournament? Stay tuned as we highlight more players and teams!