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Test Server Update: September 20

Complete list of changes now on the Test Server

Gameplay Tuning:

  • The cone of fire mechanic has been removed while aiming down sights.
  • Vertical recoil with horizontal variance has been applied to all weapons when aiming down sights.
  • Bullet drop has been significantly increased for all weapons (excluding shotguns and bows).
  • Hellfire 4-6
    • Increased damage per bullet by 16%
      • This reduces the bullets to kill to 6 (from 7), without armor.
      • Headshots to kill is still 3 with helmet, 2 without.
    • Slightly reduced the fire rate
    • Lowered ammo capacity per clip to 24 (from 30)
  • Smoke grenade inventory capacity reduced to 50 (from 100).
  • Reduced the number of pistols that spawn.
  • Significantly reduced the number of knives and machetes that spawn.
  • Wood Axes will no longer spawn.

Bug Fixes:

  • Dead bodies no longer have collision.
  • SMG sound effects should no longer incorrectly play as if the shooter were nearby.
  • Movement speed is no longer incorrectly reduced after exiting a vehicle with the throwing arch activated.
  • Teammates simultaneously exiting a vehicle will once again spawn in the intended spot next to the vehicle.
  • Reticle should no longer lock in place while aiming down sights with a bow.
  • Items in the inventory should no longer shift when moving while looting.
  • Zooming into the map when the game is in windowed mode no longer causes issues when switching back to full screen mode.

Known Issues:

  • The dynamic reticle does not bloom when jumping while aiming down sights.
  • Players are able to drag the map while not zoomed in, which is unintended.