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Test Server Update: September 22

Complete list of changes now on the Test Server

The latest build on test features a new crouching system, AK recoil tuning, and some quality of life improvements for vehicles.  In addition, we’ll be unlocking the Swagnum Opus Skirmish for the weekend!  Be sure to jump in and send us your feedback.  We’ll also be doing a special Community Outbreak this afternoon at 3:00pm where we’ll be showcasing the new Skirmish and trying out the other changes in on the Test Server!

Tuning & Gameplay Updates:

  • Increased the horizontal recoil for the AK-47 by roughly 25%, and the vertical recoil by 5%.
  • Re-tuned crouching
    • Crouching should occur more quickly than before.
    • Added a Crouch Fatigue system that will increase the time it takes to stand up from crouch after repeatedly going in and out of crouch.
    • Crouch “spamming” will result in temporarily getting locked in the crouch state.
  • Vehicle passengers can now scrap and craft items while the vehicle is moving.
  • Vehicles no longer spawn with lootable fuel by default, but now spawn with full tanks.
  • Lootable fuel can now spawn at gas stations and in airdrops.

Bug Fixes:

  • There are optimizations in this build that improve framerate performance, particularly on high-end machines.
  • The camera will no longer stutter when jumping and aiming down sights with a crossbow.
  • Standing on a vehicle will no longer cause exiting players to exit far away from the vehicle.
  • Fixed several dozen minor bugs in The Arena.

Known issues:

  • The red killer outline is missing from the death screen in Solos.
  • There is a way to circumvent crouch fatigue which we intend to fix before it goes Live.
  • When encountering crouch fatigue when a throwable is primed, the camera may temporarily get stuck behind the character’s body.


Stay up to date with all the changes that have been made on the Test server recently by reading the patch notes from earlier this week.