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Test Server Update - Improved Recoil

Get all the details on the weapon tuning changes coming to Test on 1/11


The Test Server has just been updated with the following improvements:

Game updates:

  • AR recoil was reworked to ensure smoother gameplay.  There is less recoil on the first shot with more recoil growth to prevent spam.
  • Slightly reduced AR and AK helmet pass-through damage from 40 to 35 to still allow for 4-shot kills but to remove 3-shot kills (helmet, helmet, body).
  • Weapons now spawn with a single ammo box instead of two.  Total ammo spawned is unchanged.
  • SMG ammo clip has been increased to 30 bullets, up from 24.
  • Added a small HUD element to show reload timer.
  • Added icons to the HUD to show AK-47 fire mode (single shot versus full auto).
  • Holding breath with the Sniper Rifle now has an appropriate sound effect.
  • Additional HUD optimizations for minor performance improvements.
  • Players are now able to purchase 7-day boosts to increase the rate at which they can earn Skulls via Daily Challenges. This feature is currently disabled on Test. In addition there will be adjustments to Challenges in the next Live build. Rewards will be adjusted or increased for many medium and hard Challenges. Full information about the Skull Boost and Daily Challenge systems coming soon.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with the recoil system that was allowing for variable recoil on the first shot.  First shot recoil is now consistent as long as you wait for it to reset.
  • Players will no longer go into a stuck state when healing through gas damage.
  • Steam friends with special characters in their names should now display correctly.
  • Fixed the issue causing the packet loss message to incorrectly display.
  • Firing ranges for all arrow types is now consistent.
  • Fixed jerky weapon movement when shooting the AK-47 in first person.
  • Magnum damage to off-roaders is now consistent with other vehicles.

Known issues:

  • Teammate HUD does not correctly show teammate colors.
  • SMG ammo boxes contain 48 bullets instead of 60.

After you jump in and give it a shot for yourself, be sure to take the newest survey to let us know your thoughts!