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Top Tips for New Players

These were our favorite entries from the Corsair Top Tips Contest!

We recently held a contest that asked you all to share helpful tips for new King of the Kill players, and we got a huge number of great entries! Here are some of the best tips you sent us, including the three we picked as winners:

  1. Get to know the map, it is the only thing that is the same every game and the key to consistency - @xSensux (WINNER!)
  3. When inside a building/house, stop for a second and listen. No footsteps? Good, search! Hear footsteps? Get ready! - @Pemocity (WINNER!)
  5. Cars are best, don’t get stressed, use protective vests, aim above the chest. - @ENusatron (WINNER!)
  7. New players – Don’t dwell on a previous game. Never let a loss get to you. You will get better with practice. - @Fossington
  9. Practice makes perfect. Don’t expect to be a master with 10 hours put into the game.@JohnIsPr0
  11. My tip: Watch other people stream! Nothing is better for learning tricks, loadout tips, and overall strategy! - @SablimeAce
  13.  Tips for new players: Don’t let your nerves get the best of you, Shakiness is going to lead to bad plays. - @FitzyIsTheMan
  15. 1. Keep your shoulders relaxed 2. Do not panic at the sight of an enemy 3. Have fun, it’s a game (the best)! - @jcpatto
  17. Looking for the extra edge in a fight? Pop a med kit beforehand to get an extra bit of healing during the fight! - @VincentBrunsch
  19. Pick your fights, but fight to get better at aiming. That, is the King of the Kill way. - @Bastillux
  21. Grab a gun & helmet & go for action, dying is part of the game, but experience is the best advantage, engage all - @IAnonymouseI
  23. Join training, find a weapon of choice, get to the open and shoot to learn bullet drop, spread and bullet speed - @xNandor1337
  25. Be creative! Using your environment for an advantage or a smoke grenade for cover could be crucial for survival! - @LuhNoThotties
  27. Practice, Practice, Practice! To BE the King you must PRACTICE the KILL! - @FullThrottle_JD
  29. Play @H1Z1KotK at a pace you’re comfortable at. Take fights and learn to aim. And most importantly, have fun! - @ChumtheWaters
  31. Shaking is breaking, keeping your cool when fighting in The Arena is the key to your aim and a solid win! - @PhilTTV
  33. Optimize game settings to best suit your needs! Choosing the right reticle for YOU can make all the difference ;) - @MuscleCock87
  35. Stay calm during firefights, make unexpected moves, watch streamers and have a steady hand. - @KaiossG
  37. The best tip would be sound. Sound is key, you can hear everything footsteps, gunfire, and vehicles. - @Dreams_187
  39. I suggest new players try out “training” mode to get a feel for the map and different weapons before the real war! - @TwitchArrogant
  41. Never quit it! More you play, better you’ll get. Start with simple things, like learning map, looting fast. - @er_viss
  43. For new players coming into @H1Z1KotK heed these words: There is no mercy for any looter in this shooter. #WatchYourBack - @GentlemanSour
  45. New players need to find their own playstyle. There’s aggressive and passive. Both can go in your favor. - @ikistagirl
  47. Make sure to hop into some training to learn the mechanics and keybinds of the game. Remember good landing spots! - @ImZacoo

Do you have other helpful tips for new King of the Kill players? Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Discord!