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Winners' Got a Brand New Bag

The Mystery Bag and Elite Bag have new items! 

You did it. You've made it to the Top 10 in a King of the Kill death match, and now it’s time for your sweet, sweet rewards. With the launch of Ignition, we’re revamping what is currently included in both the Mystery Bag and the Elite Bag, as well as making some minor adjustments to who will receive which rewards. Let’s take a look at what might be waiting for you when you get your rewards:

Mystery Bag:

BR Loser T-shirtBR Loser Leggings

  • Battle Royale Loser T-Shirt
  • Battle Royale Loser Leggings
  • Skull Graphic T-Shirt
  • Camp Runamok T-Shirt
  • Checkered Past Goggles
  • Starred Army T-Shirt
  • Bullseye Goggles
  • Battle Royale Splatter Leggings
  • Navy Suit Jacket
  • Navy Slacks

Elite Bag:

BR Winner T-ShirtBR Crown T-Shirt

  • Battle Royale Logo T-Shirt
  • Battle Royale Crown T-Shirt
  • Forest Camo T-Shirt
  • Battle Royale Logo Leggings
  • Tie-Die T-Shirt
  • Tie-Die Leggings

The First Place winner of each round will now receive an Elite Bag AND a Crown! Check it out:

Winner Crown

Second and Third Place will each receive an Elite Bag. Fourth through Tenth Place each receive a Mystery Bag.

Now get in game and get killing. Your rewards await!