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SKIRMISH: Pleasant Valley Nightmare

The dark Skirmish of your dreams is now open on weekends!

The night is dark and full of killers, and a brand new Skirmish mode is now available to play each weekend - Pleasant Valley Nightmare!

Each Pleasant Valley Nightmare match starts off in the very early hours of the morning. The first gas wave has already rolled in around the city, so gear up quickly and take out nearby foes before the next one comes to seal your fate. Because of the decreased play area and increased speed of the gas, these matches are fast and frenetic. Will you be the last one standing and live to see the dawn?

Pleasant Valley Nightmare Skirmish will be available every weekend starting each Friday at 10:00AM PT and running through the following Monday at 10:00AM PT. You will only be able to play Skirmishes during those times, so join in on the dark and twisted fun by selecting "Skirmish" from the Play option in the Main Menu.

Sweet dreams, and see you in Skirmish!