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World Best Gaming Talks Competition

Learn about the players' ambitions and what drives them to compete!

World Best Gaming is an elite and fiercely competitive H1Z1 team that traveled from South Korea to Fight for the Crown! The team includes established competitors Aqua5 and Gorany, who both hold top spots on the Asia/Pacific Pre-Season 3 leaderboards. They fight alongside the highly skilled Gasrunner and ISCO, who successfully qualified into the 2016 Invitational. Juankorea, who boasts a number of Champions Arena wins, acts as the in-game leader. We took some time to ask the team about their experiences with competitive H1Z1 and what it means to be a part of a professional team.

The Players:

Aqua5 Gorany Gasrunner ISCO Juankorea
Aqua5 Gorany Gasrunner ISCO Juankorea

When did you decide you wanted to play H1Z1 competitively?

Gorany: I've been competitive since Z1 - back then I wanted to get a kill record on the leaderboard. I would try really hard and grind to get about 600 kills per day, until I eventually made it to 14th place in total kills. Later on, I started participating in Champions Arena and other private server tournaments, and started to get even more competitive.

Aqua5: I started to get competitive about a year ago, but I started playing really seriously in early 2017.

What are some of your goals as a competitive H1Z1 player?

Gasrunner: I want to be able to participate in more tournaments, online and offline, and keep competing with the best players in the scene.

ISCO: I want to participate in various tournaments to have fun and place well. I want to become one of the best H1Z1 players.

Juankorea: My first competitive goal when the leaderboard came out in Z1 was to make it to 1st in number of long-term kills, and I successfully achieved that. Now, I want to make a career out of being a professional player and playing in tournaments.

How do you play in solo games versus team games?

Juankorea: In solo games, I play aggressively without fear of dying - the more times you die, the better you learn to survive. However, in tournaments, you only have one chance, so I make sure to play smart. For the team, I take charge and make the game calls so that all five of us move as one.

Gorany: I play really aggressively in regular solo games, but in team games I alternate between aggressive and safe playstyles. I have to curb my aggressive playstyle in team games to make sure I'm doing what's best for everyone.

What sets World Best apart from other teams?

Gasrunner: We have all been good friends for a long time, so I think we have a stronger bond than most other teams.

Gorany: Each player's individual performance in the game is amazing, but we also have a very strong friendship. Being so close to each other means we have great communication and are able to play well together as a team.

ISCO: Skill-wise, we react and make decisions quickly, have good communication skills, and excellent individual performances. All of the members of World Best Gaming take a lot of pride in being the only Korean team participating in the tournament.

If you could give a piece of advice to a player who wanted to get into the competitive scene, what would you tell them?

Juankorea: To be a competitive player you have to have a lot of experience. With any game, you have to put your focus on getting better at it. If you work hard and have the skill you need to be a competitor, you'll be able to find your chance to get into the scene.

Gasrunner: It's really important to find a way to make sure the pressure of an intense match doesn't get to you so that you can always play your best.

Aqua5: Having fun is always the most important part of playing!

You can watch World Best Gaming's performance in the H1Z1: Fight for the Crown tournament on April 20 on The CW Network! Until then, keep checking back to learn more about your favorite teams!