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02-27-2017 Rogue Gets Ready to Fight for the Crown!

Get to know some of the players that are on team Rogue!

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02-23-2017 Ping and You

What is ping, how does it impact your game, and why should you care

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02-22-2017 Fight for the Spot: Enter to Win A Tournament Seat!

You and four friends could compete in the Fight for the Crown tournament!

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02-22-2017 Win $300K in the First Team Tournament!

'Fight for the Crown' airs on The CW Network in April

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02-10-2017 Dev Diary: Surveys, Scoring, and Seasons

Product Manager Adriaan Noordzij talks player feedback

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02-08-2017 Survey: We Want Your Feedback!

Share your thoughts with our development team!

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02-07-2017 Reddit Q&A - February 7th

Executive Producer, Chris Wynn sets aside some time to talk with the community each week. 

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