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Join us from February 21st – February 23rd for the Royalty Showdown, where the top 75 players from the Preseason 7 leaderboards will battle it out for fame and glory.


The Royalty Showdown will be live on from FEBRUARY 21ST – 23RD.
Tune in and watch it live to score the Showdown Viewer AR-15!

Tune in as SUP3RSoN1K and TheomanTV join us in the studio to cast the three Royalty Showdown matches!


Only the best got invited to the Showdown. On February 14th we took a snapshot of the Preseason 7 leaderboards and with that we locked in our 75 participants from each region to participate in the Royalty Showdown.


Convert to your LOCAL TIME ZONE

WEDNESDAY February 21st

Match 1: 7:00PM CET
(10:00AM PST)

South America
Match 1: 9:00PM BRT
(4:00PM PST)

THURSDAY February 22nd

North America
Match 1: 5:00PM PST

FRIDAY February 23rd

Match 1: 12:00PM AEDT - Local Date: Feb 24
(5:00PM PST Feb 23)

Match 1: 11:30AM CST - Local Date: Feb 24
(7:30PM PST Feb 23)

All players are responsible for showing up to their respective games, 15 minutes prior to the match start time.


Below are the top players from the Preseason 7 leaderboards and those players who encountered queue issues during the 2017 Showdown*. These players will participate in 3 matches, and only 10 players per region will come out victorious! Only players with accounts in good standing are eligible to play!

  • 0Rehzi
  • 11A_FOX_PINE
  • 11Aworthy
  • 1JACKH
  • AGG_Linara *
  • Airohe
  • Alt_Vizzuaal
  • anonymouse
  • aphro
  • Aporia_Multicentral
  • bapefit
  • BmrOG *
  • Brawlic *
  • bt_Tuna *
  • BUG_GoldArWe1ko
  • camjazz_
  • Camsoda *
  • cartaxd
  • casper
  • ceice
  • CLG_CaLLzyy
  • CLG_Grimmybear *
  • CLG_SubaruSTi
  • Clutch
  • creanak
  • crippledhd
  • CrozzoveR *
  • DougisRaw *
  • ElementRadicalEnzo
  • Flankxr
  • FOX_crank
  • geesher *
  • getrichtv *
  • gT_Tankska
  • GWShoes
  • Hairyfrogbat
  • HanssenNA
  • helpingXD
  • HusKers
  • icency
  • iMp_niratic
  • ImperialHa1
  • izloee
  • jayewalk
  • Jess3_
  • JinsoH1
  • jzurf *
  • keebler
  • Kyraig
  • Ldz_MexicanAKSprayer
  • Leethyl
  • LethalEffinmuricaTV *
  • Lispy_
  • lolFranco *
  • MikeBallFPS
  • mikeysnipey
  • minitrue *
  • MistyMoo
  • NewTwitter_pirA1H
  • NobleGabeismon
  • P1nkBubble
  • paaras
  • Pieman420
  • ProdigyAces
  • Q_as_in_cucumber *
  • Reavezz
  • retrails
  • ruckuh
  • shawl
  • ShowdownLeL
  • SK_Sweetdreams
  • skzzyy
  • snakie1
  • Ssauc1n
  • StyuL
  • SuperSneakyAgentDies
  • TacDylan
  • thedrphd
  • Therockii *
  • THumpSMILE8D
  • Tickles
  • tros
  • TwitchTv_calebjam11_
  • TwitchTvKoosher99
  • vamoosetv
  • Viral_Novah
  • WakkuDaejjang*
  • wihnter
  • xAiry
  • Zxch

Participation is subject to the Official Rules. View the Tournament Rules and Policies.

* Additional qualifier - click here for details.


The NORTH AMERICA ROYALTY SHOWDOWN WINNER will have the option to receive either a paid VIP trip* to the opening week of the H1Z1 Pro League, or a tradeable 2018 GOLD SHOWDOWN AK.


  • Airfare**
  • 3 days 2 nights of accommodation
  • $1,000 spending cash
  • VIP seating during the first week of the Inaugural season of the H1Z1 Pro League
  • H1Z1 Pro League Swag Bag

* The VIP trip option is available only to legal residents.
See Official Rules for details on eligibility and prizing administration.

** Winner will be responsible for all required travel documents, including passports and Visas.

Place top 10 overall and you will receive the coveted 2018 GOLD SHOWDOWN AR-15 for the region in which you compete!

Finish first place in your region and you will receive the exclusive, tradeable 2018 GOLD SHOWDOWN AK!


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The top 75 players from each region after we take a snapshot of leaderboards on February 14th will play in the Royalty Showdown.

The Royalty Showdown will consist of three matches. Standings for the Royalty Showdown will be based on performance after three matches.

Check back on February 14th to see if you have made the list! We will be emailing qualified players with Royalty Showdown participation information, so make sure you have opted into receiving H1Z1 emails.

No, you only need to be in the top 75 when the snapshot is taken on February 14th at 10AM PST.

The Royalty Showdown is an online tournament. Royalty Showdown matches will be shout casted live from the Daybreak office in San Diego.

View an article with a step-by-step process for joining your regional Royalty Showdown matches.

If you are ranked on multiple region leaderboards, you will only be selected to play on the one where you have the highest ranking overall.

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