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The H1Z1 virus spread fast, like a super aggressive influenza, affecting most of the world's population. The infected suffered dementia, an unnatural aggressiveness, and an instinct for cannibalism. They became able to regenerate their wounds over time, unless their brain was destroyed or their bodies burnt. They turned into zombies.

A very small subset of the infected experienced an unexplainable variation in the H1Z1 symptoms. They acquired the ability to regenerate, but kept all their mental faculties and suffered none of the aggressive behavior. Nicknamed Z1s by the media, they came from every walk of life and soon found themselves falling into the role of heroes.
Fighting the zombie hordes became a priority. To find the strongest and smartest amongst the Z1s, an extreme competition was established—The Invitation. In a vast arena, the Z1s gather to prove their worth by fighting each other with an array of weapons, tools and techniques. Teams comprised of winners venture into the wasteland to search for survivors and destroy the zombies. Those who haven't yet succeeded in The Invitation can heal and try again, until they prevail.
Davina Bishop - Click For story
Davina Bishop

Davina is the ultimate tactician and adaptable to almost any combat style. She never goes into an Invitation with a set strategy, but rather, she takes whatever is coming at her and focuses on turning an opponent's strategy against them. She is masterful at reading people.

Tommy Legget - Click For story
Tommy Legget

A former Australian Rules Footballer, Tommy was instrumental in developing the early training techniques for Z1 squads and is the founder of The Invitation.

When competing, Tommy wastes zero time before charging into the midst of a conflict, guns blazing. Finding cover holds no interest for him, he much prefers to go toe-to-toe, out in the open, and may the best shot win. Intimidation tactics are key to his strategy, and when his hulking frame is running full speed directly at you, bullets flying, it can make even the most steadfast hand go shaky. His Invitation strategy is to take on as many opponents as possible and to eliminate them as quickly as possible. Patience is for cowards.

Li Wei Li - Click For story
Li Wei Li

For Li Wei, stealth is the true route to victory in The Invitation. Any other approach is foolishness and the sign of a weak will. He engages in a firefight only when absolutely necessary, and when he does, it is with deadly precision, drawing as little attention as possible. He is not an opponent you want to run into, one-on-one, close quarters. Before the Z-Panic, Li Wei worked as a high-rise window washer, dodging death on several occasions when his scaffolding collapsed. He fears nothing beyond failure.

Kamila Novak - Click For story
Kamila Novak

A rancher's daughter, Kamila has been shooting long range rifles since she was six years old, chasing predators away from her father's herd. Keeping her distance from other combatants is vital to her strategy, so she is always on the move. She will only ever take one shot before she quickly moves to another location, to keep enemies guessing. Hanging directly above her bed is the upper half of a coyote skull, a bullet hole right between the eyes. The skull belonged to the very first predator kill she had as a child.