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Game Update

Hit Registration Improvements & More

Hit Registration Improvements & More

We’ve got a number of bug fixes and hit-reg improvements for the update tomorrow and we will be keeping a close eye on feedback. So let’s get on with the good stuff. 

Bug fixes:

  • We were able to identify one issue causing client framerate hitches.
    • This was one of the main offenders, there may be other causes for hitches so please report them as you see them (we love clips).
  • StreamDeck and similar devices should function properly again.
  • Fixed a rare client crash that could occur when simultaneously reloading and shooting. 

Hit Reg Improvements:

  • Player hitboxes have been slightly adjusted to provide more consistent hit feedback.
  • Neck shots are now critical hits to more clearly separate headshots from bodyshots.
  • Reduced idle head-bob animations for more consistent hit registration against stationary targets.
  • Loot bag projectile collision has been removed so that they will no longer block shots. 


  • 3rd Party protection updates
  • Improved security on some specific file types
  • Adjustments to the automatic flagging system 

Quality of life changes:

  • Removed a few gas ring end-points that were on the extreme edges of the map creating unfavorable endgame scenarios. 

We do want to take a moment and mention that we aren’t done with hit-reg improvements. On the animation front we will continue to reduce and possibly eliminate the passive animations from a remote client to completely remove the chance that they can interfere with a 2 tap and hit reg. This is one of the issues that this update really assists with because the animations have been significantly reduced, however there is still a slight chance that the characters breathing animation can raise the chest up enough to get in the way of a neck shot, creating the headshot/bodyshot issue. For general hit-reg improvements we will continue to work on these as long as we need to. There is nothing more important in a shooter than hitting the target you should be hitting and we’ll be pushing forward and working to making sure the combat experience in H1 is as reliable as it should be. 

One more tiny side note, we originally wanted this to go out as a hotfix with no downtime but we were able to get in some additional anti-cheat measures that unfortunately required us bringing down the servers. So, while downtime is never fun, we think the benefit is worth it since it’ll help with some of the cheats. Servers will be coming offline tomorrow, the 3rd, beginning at 1:00pm PT. Downtime should be minimal, we currently have it estimated at 3 hours, but we’re optimistic that we’ll get it done sooner. 

Always looking forward to feedback and seeing how we can further improve.


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