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Game Update

Bug Fixes and More

Servers will be coming offline at 10AM PT on March 8th for approximately 8 hours. 

Desync Issues:

Door desync: We identified and fixed a few issues that could cause doors to appear open for one player but closed for another. We will evaluate if these fixes represent a comprehensive solution.

Vehicle passenger desync: There was a similar desync issue where a player could be in a vehicle but appear out of the vehicle to an onlooker. We've deployed a potential solution and will continue to investigate if there are any other fixes that need to be made.

Reload Improvements

There was an issue where interrupting a gun reload at the beginning of the animation could cause the gun to fire a ghost bullet and reload again. We've submited another potential fix as well as set up some additional logging to help collect more data when reloads fail. 

Vehicles Exploding

Players who die immediately before being struck by a vehicle should no longer cause that vehicle to explode. The team is working on updating The Arena with a number of object and collision fixes to further reduce unexpected vehicle explosions; however, that won't be ready for this Test build (or the next Live update).


We take exploits very seriously and jump on them as quickly as we can. Thank you to everyone who has sent videos and repro information for these - it's very, very helpful and allows us to diagnose and respond faster. If you're familiar with these, please go ahead and see if you can replocate them anymore. 

  • Running at full speed while aiming down the weapon sights
  • Hiding particle effects
  • Skipping prone-to-stand animation
  • Throwing infinite grenades

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Cleaned up an issue where you could get stuck moving (without auto-run enabled) while the Inventory is open
  • Fixed another edge case that could cause Turbo to get stuck on
  • Smoke grenades now have a much longer render distance
  • Bleed effect should no longer appear through smoke


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