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08-31-2017 The Future of H1Z1

We’re bringing you fast-paced, high-powered action!

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08-29-2017 Next Stop on the Road to TwitchCon: PAX West!

H1Z1 is arriving at PAX West, the next stop on the Road to TwitchCon!

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08-29-2017 Get YOUR Camo Hellfire 4-6 Skin This Weekend!

Play a match between Friday and Tuesday morning and earn a camo skin for the new Hellfire 4-6!

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08-29-2017 Developer Update Video - August 29 Combat Update

Watch Anthony Castoro and David Mendelsohn share the Combat Update's highlights!

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08-29-2017 Welcome to Preseason 6!

New tier thresholds, new rewards, and more!

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08-29-2017 Combat Update Goals

Anthony Castoro gives you a little more context about the new Combat Update.

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08-21-2017 We’re on the Road to TwitchCon at gamescom!

Going to Cologne or watching from home? We’ve got you covered!

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08-16-2017 Test Server Update

Come see the lastest changes to the Test Server.

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08-15-2017 Twitch Votes Returns to North America!

Now's your chance to vote your two favorite broadcasters into the 2017 H1Z1 Invitational!

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08-14-2017 Elite Series Sweepstakes: Win a Gorilla Warpaint Mask!

You could win an exclusive signed mouse mat, in-game skin, and more!

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08-10-2017 Producer's Letter: Combat Update

Get all the details on the latest Combat Update right here! 

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08-07-2017 Vote Your Favorite European Twitch Broadcasters Into the Invitational!

With 2 spots for Twitch broadcasters available, make your voice heard!

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